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What to do in the Sacred Valley

What to do in the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas, located in the Cusco region of Peru, is a land of breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural history. Here is a list of activities and places not to be missed during your trip to the Sacred Valley:

  1. Visit Pisac Inca Site: Explore the Inca ruins in Pisac and marvel at the impressive architecture and panoramic views of the valley. Don’t miss the Pisac handicraft market, where you can buy local handicrafts and souvenirs.
  2. Visit Ollantaytambo: Walk the ancient cobblestone streets of Ollantaytambo and visit the impressive Inca ruins on the hill behind the town. Enjoy views of the valley from the agricultural terraces and explore the archaeological complex.
  3. Visit Maras Salt mines and Moray: Discover the fascinating circular agricultural terraces of Moray, which the Incas used to experiment with different microclimates. Then, visit the salt pans of Maras, a network of salt ponds in the mountains.
  4. Lares Hot Springs: Take an excursion to the Lares Hot Springs and relax in the natural hot spring pools. Enjoy views of the surrounding mountains as you soak in the warm, relaxing waters.
  5. Trekkings: The Sacred Valley offers a variety of trekking options for all skill levels. From short treks to multi-day expeditions, there are routes to explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes and remote villages.
  6. Experience the local gastronomy: Enjoy the delicious Peruvian cuisine in the restaurants and markets of the Sacred Valley. Try traditional dishes such as cuy (guinea pig), rocoto relleno (stuffed red pepper) and chicharrón de cerdo (pork crackling).
  7. Chinchero Traditional: Explore the picturesque village of Chinchero and visit its local market, where you can find handmade textiles and other handicrafts. Visit the archaeological complex of Chinchero and admire the Inca agricultural terraces.
  8. Participate in outdoor activities: The Sacred Valley offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, rafting on the Urubamba River and horseback riding in the countryside.
  9. Explore the local markets: Visit the local markets in the villages of the Sacred Valley and discover a variety of fresh produce, colorful textiles and unique handicrafts. Don’t forget to bargain for good prices.
  10. Enjoy the panoramic views: Take the time to stop and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the Sacred Valley. Whether from a lookout point or during a hike, the views of the mountains, valleys and rivers are truly spectacular.

These are just a few of the many things you can do during your trip to Cusco’s Sacred Valley. Whether you are interested in history and archaeology, nature and the outdoors, or culture and gastronomy, the Sacred Valley has something for everyone, so get ready for an unforgettable experience in this fascinating destination!

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