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5 Day Salkantay and Rainbow Mountain Sky Lodge Dome

9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Tambopata National Reserve Tour Package

$ 1650.000
$ 1350.00
Price per person in group service
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9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Tambopata National Reserve Tour Package

From: $ 1350.00
Price per person in group service
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9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Rainforest Tambopata National Reserve Tour Package  (Top-Selling)

In this vast and storied land of Peru, ancient, colonial, and modern traditions meld together for an unforgettable cultural experience. No matter the type of traveler-history buff, adventurer. Peru offers a myriad of activities to satisfy every appetite. It’s no surprise that its ancient Incan sites, beautiful topography, and diverse ecosystem attract travelers from all over the world, making it one of the most popular destinations in South America.

Peru is a country in South America, situated on the western side of that continent. Peru has rich natural resources and many great places to visit. As we always say Peru has it all…

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Trip Length:
9 Days 8 Nights
Total Distance:
9 Days
Physical Level:
3300 m.a.s.l - 3600 m.a.s.l
Tour Type:
Trekking Nature & Culture
Group Size:
Small Group 16ppl Max

9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Rainforest Tambopata National Reserve Tour Package Overview

STARTING POINT: We will come and Pick you up from Airport/Bus Terminal or Hotel 
ENDING POINT: Drop-off in Cusco at Hotel/Airbnb 10:30 pm
DEPARTURE: Daily. If you are a group of 02 we depart (No matter if you have paid as a large group service). We NEVER pass our people onto another operator as most agencies do here in Cusco.
TRANSPORTATION: Hike, Bus & Train 
SALKANTAY TREK & MACHUPICCHU: Salkantay Trek Permits & Machupicchu entrance fee Included.
TAMBOPATA NATIONAL RESERVE: 03 Nights at Glamping Bungalow-Jungle Lodge + Excursions & Exploration where nobody goes.

  • Day 01: Start Salkantay Trek & Humantay Lake (Overnight at Sky Lodge Dome)
  • Day 02: Salkantay Trek Pass (Overnight at Small Sky Lodge Dome)
  • Day 03: Salkantay Trek Coffe Farm (Camping). (Overnight at Sky Lodge Dome)
  • Day 04: Salkantay Trek & Llactapata Inca Trail (Overnight Aguas Calientes Hotel)
  • Day 05: Visit Machu Picchu (Overnight Bus to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco)
  • Day 06: Tambopata Natural Reserve Sandoval Lake & Monkey Island (Overnight Bungalow-Jungle Lodge)
  • Day 07: Tambopata Natural Sandoval Lake & Monkey Island (Overnight Bungalow-Jungle Lodge)
  • Day 08: Tambopata Natural Sandoval Lake & Monkey Island (Overnight Bungalow-Jungle Lodge)
  • Day 09: Tambopata Natural Reserve (Overnight Bus to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco)

9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Rainforest Tambopata National Reserve Tour Package Highlights 

  • Day 1: Private Soraypampa Glamping Sky Lodge Dome
  • Day 2: Private Chaullay Glamping Small Sky Lodge Dome
  • Day 3: Private Loreta La Playa Glamping Sky Lodge Dome
  • Day 4: Aguas Calientes Hotel
  • Day 5 Visit Machu Picchu
  • Day 6,7,8 Overnight in Glamping Bungalow-Jungle Lodge
  • Visit Humantay Lake and Salkantay Lake
  • Hike the Original Inca Trail to the LLactapata Incan site to see Machupicchu.
  • Enjoy the scenic views of Salkantay Snow Mountain
  • Make a small ritual for the Andean gods and learn about the Incan religion
  • Enjoy our friendly customer service and experienced top guides
  • Eat delicious, freshly prepared Peruvian cuisine (Buffet Peruvian Style Food)
  • Hike through the different types of landscapes and Sceneries, such as cloud forests, highlands, grassy hills, and Andean valleys
  • Reach 4,600 meters (15,000 feet) in elevation along the Salkantay Pass
  • Explore Machu Picchu and the surrounding area with expert and knowledgeable tour top guides
  • Hike one of National Geographic’s 25 “World’s Best Treks”
  • Small Group Service
  • Personalized Service
  • Travel Support 24/7
  • Explore Places where nobody else goes
  • Please, Note: We need at least 02 of you and Leave any day you suit. All Departures are 100% Guaranteed If You’re Booked, You Are Going !!! To Confirm and Secure the Machupicchu entrance fee, Inca Trail Permits, Hotel Arrangements, and other things. Send us the filled-out booking form as well as a deposit of 40% and you are ready to go..

Day 1: Cusco – Mollepata – Challacancha – Humantay Lake – Soraypampa (Sky Lodge Dome)

Your epic 5 Day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu begins with an early morning transfer from your hotel in Cusco. We will be picking you up between 0430 and 0500 in the morning and embark on a two hours drive to Mollepata. You can wink a nap in the vehicle so you arrive fresh to start hiking the emblematic Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.

Mollepata is a remote Andean town at 2803 meters above sea level (9196 ft). We will be stopping for breakfast at a local restaurant here. Our local expert will be sharing some essential tips that would help you for the trek.

After breakfast, we will be driving further to Challacancha to start the trek. Here we will be meeting our support crew, chef and muleteers who will be assisting us.

After ensuring that all the gears are intact, we will begin with a gradual uphill hike to Soraypampa. It nestles at 3900 m/ 12795ft. Soraypampa houses our Signature Skydomes. Quechuas Expeditions is a pioneer in introducing Skydomes on this route.

Our luxurious sky domes are designed to offer seamless comfort during your stay. 

The trek from Challacancha starts with a hike through a flat surface with a sight of different Andean glaciers at a distance. We will be hiking through a restored Inca Canal which the locals use even today. 

The trek gets a bit steeper as we will get closer to our signature campsite. Our crew will welcome you with a cup of freshly brewed Peruvian coffee or tea. Once you have settled in your respective Skydomes, we will meet for lunch.

We will be serving a freshly cooked meal using ingredients from the Cusco region. Our Andean chefs are renowned for their delectable meals. 

Lake Humantay Hike:

After lunch, we will be hiking up the hill to the enigmatic turquoise glacier lake, Lake Humantay. It nestles at 4200 meters above sea level (13780 feet). It is about three kilometers (1.86 miles) from our campsite. The round trip takes around three hours. 

However, we do recommend that you trek at your own pace immersing yourself in the beauty of the Andes. Once we get to the shores of Humantay Lake you will have plenty of time to contemplate the view as our guide will be explaining its prominence in the Andean mythology.

Once you have enjoyed it thoroughly, we will be hiking down the hill, back to the campsite where our crew will be serving dinner after witnessing the sunset. 

After dinner, you can settle in your Sky Dome and fall asleep under the constellation of stars shining in the dark Andean sky. 

Day 1 Trek Summary:

  • Total distance: 15 km (approx.)
  • Estimated walking time: 7-8 hours
  • Maximum altitude point: 3,800 m (approx.)
  • Campsite altitude: 3,800 m (approx.)

salkantay trek map

Day 2: Soraypampa – Salkantay Pass – Huaracmachay – Chaullay (Sky Lodge Dome)

Another epic day on the Salkantay Trekking experience. You will be waking up to the golden rays of the rising sun beaming through the walls of your SkyDome through the mighty Salkantay Peak.

We will be serving you a cup of coffee or tea followed by a traditional Andean breakfast. The protein-rich breakfast would energize you to embark on a hike to the highest point of Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, Salkantay Pass at 4630 meters above sea level (15190 feet).

Salkantay Pass:

We will be hiking through the iconic “Trail of the seven snakes”. The route is named after the seven switchbacks that take you to the summit. This section of the trek is somewhat challenging because of the altitude. We will take it real slow so you can catch up with your breath and relish the views of the Andean peaks.

Salkantay Peak is the second-highest peak in the Cusco region and is one of the sacred entities in Andean mythology. Locals refer to it as “Apus” which means Father in Quechua. Even today they perform several sacred rituals including K’intu, seeking blessings using three Coca Leaves. Our guide will be sharing them with you.

We will have plenty of time at the summit to contemplate the view of Humantay, Taucarhuay, and Pumasillo peaks. Once you have had your fill of the view and feel ready to continue the hike, we will be hiking down the hill for another 7kms. (4.35 miles) to our lunch camp in Huacarmachay (3850 meters/ 12631 feet). Our lunch camp is located in a valley snuggled by snow-cappedkm views.

Our crew will be serving a freshly cooked Andean meal here. 

After lunch, we will be leaving the Andes and entering the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. We will be covering the 8 kms (4.97 miles) stretch in three hours at a normal pace. 

You will be witnessing a drastic change in the topography as we will be hiking down the hill. It would get slightly warmer. Our tour guide will explain about different plant, animal and bird species, most native to the region.

Once we reach our campsite in Chaullay (2900 meters / 9514 ft.) our crew will assist you to your respective Sky Dome where you will be spending the night. We will be meeting for dinner. 


Day 2 Trek Summary:

  • Total distance: 19 km (approx.)
  • Estimated walking time: 8 – 9 hours
  • Maximum altitude point: 4,650 m (approx.)
  • Campsite altitude: 2,750 m (approx.)

salkantay trekking map

Day 3: Chaullay – LLuscamayo – Loreta La Playa Sahuayaco (Sky Lodge Dome)

Our crew will be waking you up with a knock at the door of your Skydome at 0600 AM. After a cup of morning coffee, we will be serving breakfast.

The third day of the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu experience is relatively easier. We will be hiking through Santa Teresa Valley, home to different farms. We will begin the trek after crossing the Lluscamayo river towards La Playa for about six hours.

The route is dotted with several waterfalls. The region is home to avocado, banana and coffee farms. Often trekkers have spotted the emblematic Andean Cock of the Rock here. It is the Peruvian National Bird.

We will be stopping for lunch at our campsite in La Playa. Our crew will be serving lunch.

After lunch, we will be visiting some farms here where we will give you a guided tour. Optionally you can spend the evening soaking in the natural hot springs of Ccocalmayo.

We will be serving dinner later in the evening before you get back to your respective Sky Domes for a sound sleep. 

Day 3 Trek Summary:

  • Total distance: 16 km (approx.)
  • Estimated walking time: 6-7 hours’
  • Maximum altitude point: 2,750 m
  • Campsite altitude: 1,600 m 

salkantay trek

Day 4: Loreta – Lucmabamba – Llactapata – Hidroelectrica – Aguas Calientes (Hotel)

At 0800 AM, we will be serving breakfast. After breakfast, we will begin the hike through the section of the Original Inca Trail with a sight of Machu Picchu in the distance. This is the most beautiful spot to see Machu Picchu from.

We will be hiking up the hill to allure one of the most beautiful Inca complexes, Llactapata. It nestles at 2700m / 8858 ft. You will have a much closer sight of Machu Picchu complex from here.

This is the first Inca archaeological site that you will be visiting on Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Our local expert will give you a guided tour of the complex, soaking you in the history an Andean culture.

We will be walking down the hill for an hour and a half with the sight of Machu Picchu peak in the distance. We will be stopping for lunch in Hidro Electrica (1800 meters / 5096 ft). The place is named after the artificial waterfall here which is used to generate electricity.

After lunch, you will have two options:
  1. Hike along the railway tracks retracing the footsteps of Hiram Bingham III who rediscovered Machu Picchu. It is a three-hour hike. The route takes you through the topical jungle with stunning views at every turn. 
  2. Embark on a 45 minutes train ride to Aguas Calientes. It would cost 35 USD more. 

If you prefer hiking, which we highly recommend, you will also have the opportunity to see Intihuatana. It is a sundial rock that the Incas used to read the winter solstice. This rock worked together with the stone in Machu Picchu citadel which you will be visiting on the following day. 

Once in Aguas Calientes, we will be accommodating you in an ensuite hotel room for the night. We will be meeting later in the evening for dinner. 

Aguas Calientes, as the name suggests, is home to hot springs. You can spend the evening taking a refreshing dip in the thermal waters here. 

Day 4 Trek Summary:

  • Total distance: 12 km
  • Estimated walking time: 5 – 6 hours
  • Maximum altitude point: 1,600 m
  • Hotel (Aguas Calientes) altitude: 1,900 m

salkantay trek

Day 5: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo – Cusco 

Early in the morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we will be taking a 25-minute bus ride up the hill to the entrance of Machu Picchu citadel. Your original passport will be verified here against your Machu Picchu ticket so make sure to carry the passport.

As you enter the citadel, you will witness the golden rays of the morning sun beaming on the walls of Machu Picchu as the blanket of clouds would unveil the citadel to you. We will be giving you a brief introduction of the Inca empire.

We will be visiting different prominent sites of the citadel. This includes the ceremonial site, farming sector, remains of the royal quarters, and more.

After the guided tour, you will have some time to soak in the views of the Inca citadel. If you have booked to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu peak, our guide will be guiding you to the respective trailhead.

Alternatively, you can hike to the Sungate. You won’t need to pay an entrance fee. Sungate or Inti Punku is the point of entry to the citadel for those hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It offers a panoramic view of Machu Picchu citadel.

Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the sight, we will be exiting the citadel and taking the bus back down to Aguas Calientes. You will have some free time here for lunch or to walk around the town.

Later in the evening, we will be boarding an Ollantaytambo-bound train. Our representative will meet you at the train station and will transfer you back to your hotel in Cusco. We will be reaching Cusco and taking our Overnight Bus at 8:30pm from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado.


Day 5 Trek Summary:

  • Total distance: 4 km
  • Estimated walking time: 1- 2 hours
  • Maximum altitude point: 2,700 m 

salkantay peru trek

Day 6: Eco Tambopata Natural Reserve

Upon the arrival of your flight or bus to Puerto Maldonado, our guides or staff will meet you at the airport or bus station and transfer you to our office to make registration.
Your excess luggage will be stored safely in our office in Puerto Maldonado and then we will continue to the Capitania port. We take our motor boat along the Madre de Dios River for approximately – 40 minutes to Amazon Garden Lodge. A cool welcome drink awaits you.

The start of the adventure circuit has reached a tower and stairway that ascends to the treetops where a  platform marks the start of the zip-line almost 200mts long, the breathtaking views are only matched by the excitement of overcoming our fears and the adrenaline that courses through us as we leap off the platform supported by the high-security harnesses that connect us to the zip- line cable to a platform 27mts high. The 75mts  long of log walkway, hanging 27m above the floor, leads off this platform, a risky balancing act, and takes us to the platform at the start of the second zip line, a 160m fly back to the tower and stairwell that descends to the forest floor. And then Return to the Amazon Garden Lodge

After a well-deserved lunch, we take the kayaks to the river, well protected with high-quality life jackets,  and accompanied by a motor boat that guarantees extra security; this level-one activity is relaxing and accessible for all. Getting Monkey Island you will be

able to appreciate a great diversity of monkeys such as the: capuchin, Camarines y squirrel monkeys we will put on a show of swinging through the treetops charging down the trunks of the large trees that form their home in order to accept food from your hand.

Return to Amazon Garden Lodge. Nocturnal activities are available this night we have the caiman spotting.

amazon garden lodge12

Day 7: Sandoval Lake

After a great breakfast, and distributed to each traveler  lunch and snacks we’ll take the boat  to get to the control   of Tambopata National Reserve Zone, after  1 and half hour walking trhough the rainforest we are approaching  to the famous Sandoval Lake. DIts way by immense ancient trees and entangled vines; we will be able to see multihued flower and fauna including: Giant Otters, birds, coloured butterflies, turtles, and variety of fish. We will spend few hours in canoe on this one of the most beautiful lakes in region. Return to Amazon Garden Lodge, dinner and rest.

amazon garden lodge13

Day 8: Native Family and Rustic Fishing.

we take to the majestic Madre de Dios River and set course downstream for an hour for the Native Community of Ese´Ejas, the largest Ese Eja community numbering about 200 families, of which we will be visiting two. The Project “Rescuing Cultural Values“, situated on Gamitana Island, is working with two families who will show us the culture of their ancestors, their language and customs, clothing and dances.
In our modern, civilized world we have all but forgotten the existence of ancestral cultures and traditions. An ancient indigenous tradition
like  the  Ese´Eja  reveals  to  us  the  customs  and  way  of  life  of indigenous peoples. They gift us with the opportunity to have a direct contact with a people of ancient warriors and hunters and to share their ancestral ways.and at  lunch.
By the afternoon we have time to do  roustic fishing in Madre de Dios river,  where  with  some  luck  we’ll  have    chance  to  catch  some species  like pictus cat fish, small mouth,armored cat fish and red eye piranha. Back to the lodge, dinner an rest.

amazon garden lodge14

Day 9: Parrots and Parakeet’s Clay Lick (Cachuela)– Puerto Maldonado

Parrots and parakeets need to eat rich clay that provides them with the salts and minerals necessary to metabolize and neutralize the toxins and acids of the flowers, fruits, and seeds upon which they feed. Early each day, therefore, they congregate at the salt licks, and clay walls along the rivers and streams in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon rainforest.

At about  8:00 am we back to the lodge, have breakfast, and return to Puerto Maldonado at 11:30 am and then free time to explore Puerto Maldonado City and after Overnight Bus back to Cusco arriving about 7:30am.

cachuela clay lick

9-Day Salkantay Trek and Amazon Tambopata National Reserve Includes:

Bus Transportation:
– Cusco – Puerto Maldonado
– Puerto Maldonado – Cusco
Salkantay Trek (Glamping Sky Lodge Dome)
  • Salkantay Trek English Guide
  • Horseman & Horses to Carry 6kg of personal Stuff the Entire Trip We will Provide you a Duffel Bag at the time of your briefing (Orientation)
  • Cook in charge of all meals, Porters: to carry camping equipment, portable tables, and chairs, food, and kitchen/cooking equipment
  • Inca Trail Permit along with Entrance to Inca Trail and Machupicchu, as well as porters, permit.
  • 03 Night in Sky Lodge Domes
  • Transportation Cusco to Challacancha (Trailhead), Return Tourist Expedition Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, and Bus back to Cusco.
  • Meals: Breakfast (04), Lunch (04), Dinner (04), Morning Snack (03), Afternoon Snack (03)
  • Transfers

    – 03 Nights at Glamping Sky Lodge Domes (Salkantay Trek)
    – 03 Nights at Bungalow-Jungle Lodge (Tambopata National Reserve)
    – 01 Night at Aguas Calientes 
    – 02 Night Overnight Bus
Tambopata National Reserve ( Bungalow-Jungle Lodge)
  • Puerto Maldonado Jungle Tour 4 days all Included
  • Bus Terminal Transfers
  • Pre-departure Tambopata jungle trip briefing at the hotel/office
  • Qualified naturalist native jungle English/Spanish-speaking guide
  • Cook who is in charge of making the food /cooking equipment
  • Camping equipment/tents and mats (in case we camp in the jungle)
  • Transportation by private bus from Puerto Maldonado/Airport to Port of Capitania/Puerto Maldonado Airport
  • Transportation by private boat: Puerto Maldonado / Peru Amazon Garden Lodge / Puerto Maldonado
  • Overnights in lodges
  • Mineral water all the time
  • Meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Tambopata Reserved zone(Lago Sandoval Lake)entrance fee
  • Vegetarian option…send us your requirements, please.
  • Entrance to the Ecological Reserve.
  • First Aid Kit (bring your personal Medication)
  • Transfers/Bus Terminal/Lodge.

9-Day Salkantay Trek and Amazon Tambopata National Reserve Include:

  • Breakfast day 1, Lunch & Dinner Day 5, Lunch & Dinner Day 9
  • Entrance to Salkantay & Humantay Lake

9-Day Salkantay Trek & Amazon Tambopata National Reserve Package (Prices for 2023 & 2024)

Availability: Daily Departures All Departures are 100% Guaranteed. If You’re Booked, You are Going, We won’t Cancel your Trip !!!

How to Book?: Send us all Your Personal information, as well as a Deposit of 40%, and the Final Balance will be paid once you are in Cusco.

We want you to have a Memorable Lifetime Experience Trip!

and if you choose Bed & Breakfast you will stay in our Quechuas Guesthouse Homestay. Private rooms with private showers and bathrooms (in Cusco only) and includes Shuttle transportation to go to the town square.(Please a detailed page of Quechuas Guesthouse above)

Double Room, Matrimonial(Twin Beds Room) Occupancy. 
Prices shown Below are per person, based on Twin bedroom occupancy and in US$ Dollars.

Group Service: Price per person: US$1350 

(You will be joined into a formed group of people who come from different countries/Nationalities): From 04 Persons to 16 Persons (Maximum) 

Private Service: Price per person: US$1650 

Recommended for Honeymooners, Families with children & Groups of Friends (02 Person Minimum)

What you need to bring:

Most people automatically assume that the weather is hot in South America, but because of the higher altitude in the Andes, the temperature can feel quite cold, especially at night. We recommend the use of a duffel bag or backpack, whichever is easiest for you to carry. A good size daypack is also essential.

List of things you must bring:

  • Original Passport (and some copies) If you have changed your passport Bring a couple of copies of the one that you have used to purchase the inca trail permit.
  • Travel insurance  is essential (and some copies)
  • Airline tickets (and some copies)
  • US$ cash and Credit or debit card (see personal spending money)
  • Any entry visas or vaccination certificates required
  • Camera and Memory cards
  • Rechargeable batteries and adapters
  • Reading/writing material
  • Binoculars
  • Cover for backpacks
  • Pocketknife.
  • Fleece top
  • Windproof/waterproof jacket
  • Small towel and swim wear
  • Shirts/t-shirts
  • Sun hat
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of long trousers *zipp off
  • 1 pair hiking pants/track pants
  • Hiking boots/ sturdy walking shoes (with ankle protectors)
  • Knee-length socks (to be used with rubber boots, if provided at the jungle lodge)
  • Sport hiking sandals
  • Sun block
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries (biodegradable)
  • Watch or alarm clock
  • Water bottle 
  • Purifying tablets or filter (Micropur recommeded)
  • Insect Repellent (for mosquitos)25 % of deet at least you can also by in cusco.
  • Flashlight (head light recommended)
  • Money belt
  • Sleeping silk liner (for sleeping bags)
  • Wool hat, mitts or gloves (preferably waterproof)
  • Rain poncho, plastic bags for your personal stuff to keep dry
  • Sleeping bag (it can be hired form us) we have goose down or syntetic sleeping bag 
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets (e.g. Ibuprofen)
  • Thermal underwear
  • Personal first-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhoea, re-hydration powder, extra prescription drugs you may be taking)

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensed trek operators: The INC (Institute of National Culture) is the regulatory body responsible for controlling access to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. In order to operate the Inca Trail companies must meet certain basic requirements proving that they have professional guides and good camping equipment, radio communications and emergency first aid including oxygen. The license to operate the Inca Trail is renewed at the beginning of each year. Due to legal problems, the Government has found it hard to withdraw licenses from poor performing companies and every tour operator that has satisfied the basic requirements has so far been given a license. The legislation is likely to be introduced later in 2008 to give more power to the Ministry of Tourism and allow them to fine, suspend or close badly performing companies. A comprehensive list of licensed Inca Trail tour operators can be found by clicking here.


  • Whether you are trekking the Inca Trail in 2018, it is recommended to secure your spots as soon as possible (CHECK the OFFICIAL INCA TRAIL AVAILABILITY ABOVE) – there is no reason to wait! – BOOK NOW!
  • The number of available spaces shown in this page is for both: for the CLASSIC INCA TRAIL which is done in 4 Days, 5 Days, 3 Days and 6 Days the ones that goes via Salkantay. And the Short Inca Trail that starts from Km 104 always has spaces. Please, confirm which of them are you interested when consulting or booking
    We provide guaranteed Inca Trail departures every single day in 2017 as long as there are available spaces; so you can START THE TREK any date marked in GREEN (except during February when the Inca Trail is closed).
  • The Inca Trail is CLOSED every year in FEBRUARY for maintenance, for allowing conservation projects, and too much rain; so this month is not available.
  • Whether INCA TRAIL permits for your desired date are SOLD OUT, you can always pre-reserve for another date, for next year or simply consider other alternative tours which get to MachuPicchu as well







OR SHORT INCA TRAIL 2/D or INCA TRAIL 3/D which is available always

Keep in mind that no matter which tour you choose, the grand tour of MachuPicchu, in the end, will be almost the same; what will vary is the previous part or how you will get there (this is through the Trails, by Train or through any of the alternative treks)

The maximum number of available Inca Trail permits is 500. Support staff is included within the five hundred, meaning that only about 200 permits are allocated for tourists and about 300 for cooks, porters and guides each day.

No travel agency or tour operator will be able to offer you a space for the Inca Trail, unless there are available spaces shown for the date you want to start the trek. Keep also in mind that if you find 90 spaces or less, it means that you have to book your Inca Trail as fast as you can since the remaining spaces can sell out within the following hours or even minutes.

Also it is important to know that NO matter how many clients cancel their Inca Trail reservations, NOBODY else can  use these spaces as the system is designed to prevent some companies to book the spaces with made-up information in advance and then change it with that of their last-minute real clients.

We hope you find this information on the Inca Trail Availability useful and if so, start dreaming about your next adventure in 2017!


Instructions to Book Online (Reservations) Choose a date

First step: Check the Availability

Ensure that you are making the reservation plenty of time in advance. Check that there are still spaces available in our group and book as far ahead as possible since our trek departures dates are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date that you enter Peru. If you do not have a valid passport or plan to renew your passport before coming to Peru please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Booking & Conditions page for more details.

Choose your preferred date or join us to any of fixed departure date (We need 02 people to open a new departure date) and please note we will never pass you onto another operator as most travel agencies do here. (they share transportation, Food, Guide, Cook and porters) to minimize costs that’s why many charge less than us. because they are thinking to share with other companies. But Quechuas Expeditions organize the trip even the group is of 02 ppl.

We require all Personal information as well as a Non-refundable US$200 to ensure your Inca Trail permits and porters permits as well as Inca Trail and Machupicchu entrance fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have received feedback from many clients saying that our confirmation emails are often directed to their spam folder rather than their inbox. To ensure that you receive our reply, please modify your Junk or Spam filter settings to allow the incoming email address. You may also want to add this email address to your list of known contacts.
First check the Inca Trail availability to ensure we have a confirmed date for your departures please click to:

Second step: Check your Personal Information and BOOK

Fill in our Inca Trail booking form(See the Attached File). Please do not make a reservation until you have all the details below. We cannot accept a booking without all the names, nationalities, passport numbers and ages:

The following client information is requested for any Inca Trail booking:

  • Complete names and surnames (as in your passport appears)
  • Passport Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

IMPORTANT NOTE: The exact information provided by you will be submitted to the Government Institution (INC) in charge of regulating the access to the Inca Trail and will be included in the official permit to enter the Inca Trail on the requested date. Should there be any change in the above-mentioned data (ie. New passport number), we kindly request you to inform toy your Travel Consultant via e-mail as soon as possible. The government reserves the right not to allow the entry to any visitor whose data are not the exact ones as those in the official permit. Quechuas Expeditions Tours excludes any responsibility for a no entry in case the passenger information has changed without prior notice to us.

Third step: Trek deposit

To secure the Inca Trail Reservation with us, the client must deposit US$200 . Please note that the program deposit is non-refundable. Without a down payment your Inca Trail Trek is not confirmed.

Payment can either be made by Western Union, Paypal, Bank Transfer(western union the fastest and safest method of Payment in Peru).

Fourth step: Confirmation Travel Invoice

We will send you a Travel Invoice of the trek and deposit (with the signing of our Travel Consultant), when we receive all requirements above. You have to print this document to show in our office in Cusco.

Fifth Step: Come to Cusco and pay the remaining trek balance in Cash
You can pay the balance of the trek at our offices in Cusco (minimum of 2 days before trek departure, before 10:00 am). Payment can be made in cash US$, local currency (Peruvian Nuevo Soles) or American Express Travel Checks (+ 5% commission charged). You can withdraw cash in either US$ or Peruvian Sole from one of the many ATM machines in Cusco (Visa, MasterCard, etc). Prior to departing for Peru it is advisable to inform your bank that you are coming to Peru so that you do not experience any problems with your credit/bank cards whilst abroad. Remember that the limit that you can withdraw each day in Peru may be less than your normal limit at home.


Briefing before the Inca Trail

Pre-departure briefing.- One or two days before departure our representative in Cusco will contact the clients in their hotels, where you will meet with your guide, he’ll provide information and answer any questions they might have about their Inca trail program. We must be informed in which hotels the clients are staying and the date of their arrival.

Where you will meet with your group and guide, here you will be given any rental equipment such as sleeping bags and duffle bags if you have requested extra porter the actual time of your briefing (6 or 7pm) will be confirmed at your check-in at the office 2 days prior to the trek.
If you do not have an operator in Cusco our office can take care of the reconfirmation of any domestic flights to Lima or other cities. Please ask for further information when you make your reservation.


Please note that we are not in control of the campsites we are issued with from the Institute of National Culture. In general, your campsite allocation is dependent on how early you book, or rather, how many permits are left. The first 250 spaces are generally given to Wiñay Wayna (3rd campsite) and thereafter you will have a longer walk to Machu Picchu on the last day and it could mean you do not make it for sunrise. Do not let this disappoint you as Machu Picchu is marvelous in itself!

Porters Working Conditions: In April 2002 a new law was introduced to set a minimum wage for all porters on the Inca Trail. This has followed years of exploitation. This wage is 45 Peruvian Soles per day which is about US$ 16. It may not seem a lot but wages are all relative to livings costs and compared to other professions 45 Soles is quite well paid. Even though the law exists it is not being enforced and many companies are still paying their porters as low as US$ 5 per day. In 2002 the maximum weight that a porter can carry was limited to 20kg (15kg load + 5kg personal items). All porters have their weight checked by government officials at the start of the trail. However, even this system is open to abuse and many tour operators get their guides and assistants to carry large loads across the checkpoint where they are dropped and left for the porters to pick up. Many trekkers who have hired an extra porter are also asked to carry their bags across the checkpoint to be given to the porters after they have been weighed. (and Many Travel agencies are sharing porters once they are on the Inca trail that’s why most of the are overloaded and there are agencies that include porter service on their prices because they don’t care they only want to sell Inca Trail)So even with the new regulations and a weigh-station at the beginning of the trail, it is still possible to see porters carry loads of up to 35kg or more.

What about my luggage which I don’t need on the trek?

We suggest you to leave your entire luggage, which you don’t need during the trekking, behind in your hotel. Almost every hotel in Cusco has a safety deposit where you can store your luggage and do not charge for this service when you’ll return to the same hotel after your trek. But if they dont have a place we also have a place where you can leave with us. Let us know Please.

How much does the sleeping mat and sleeping bag weigh?

  • Sleep mat weight = 1 kg
  • Sleeping bag weight = 2 kg

What if I have a medical emergency while hiking the trail?

Guides carry a first aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts/ scrapes, etc.). They receive Red Cross First Aid and other emergency training every year. Our guides lead over 300 travelers along the Inca trail each year and we have rarely had a traveler unable to complete the hike. In these rare instances when someone has not felt well enough to finish the hike, he/ she has been escorted back to Cusco and generally felt well enough to re-join the group in Machu Picchu via train a few days later. Cusco has the nearest modern medical facilities so travelers with a serious medical emergency would need to be evacuated there. Guides and porters have pre-established evacuation strategies in place should this need occur.

What equipment is supplied by Quechuas Expeditions?

We supply the sleeping tents (4 season Aluminum poles tents, 2 people in each 3-people-capacity ten), dining tents, tables, chairs, toilet tents, cooking equipment, water purifiers, air Thermarest mattresses, and other camping equipment. Our outfitter purchases the highest quality equipment in Peru and older equipment is evaluated and replaced on a regular basis.

What do I need to carry?

We recommend that travelers carry the items that they will need each day while hiking such as water, snacks, camera, and film. Porters will carry all of your other supplies including camping equipment, clothes, sleeping bags, etc. We generally ask travelers to bring only the belongings that they will need for the trail and leave any unneeded luggage at the hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. To prevent porters from becoming overloaded, we ask all travelers to limit their personal belongings to 12 lbs for the hike.

and if you have an extra porter he will carry all your personal stuff and depends on the pottering service you have requested
Full Porter(12kg) Half Porter(6kg) and Porter to carry Sleeping bag and Pad(4 kg)

What are the guides like?

Our Quechuas Expeditions Tours guides are among the very best and most experienced guides anywhere. They are from the surrounding Cusco/ Sacred Valley area and speak fluent English, in addition to Spanish and the native language of Quechua. Most have 5-10 years of experience leading Inca trail hikes and all have training in the history, spirituality, culture, and ecology of the area. We receive rave reviews on our guides. For more information, check out our Testimonials at Our Testimonials Most of them are highly recommended by Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor.

What is the food like on the Inca trail?

A cook accompanies every group on the Inca trail. Almost invariably, travelers comment on the delicious menu. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hearty snacks are provided for your hike. Meals are a mix of local specialties and international favorites. Check out our Inca Trail menu. Vegetarian meals are also available upon request. Other special dietary requests can usually be accommodated as well with sufficient notice. (You will never be hungry with us. there will be plenty of food)

How is drinking water supplied?

Although there are places to purchase bottled water occasionally along the trail, we recommend that travelers bring their own refillable bottles to limit plastic waste. Water is boiled, treated with iodine, and then filtered with one of our portable filters (Katadyn and PUR commonly used). It is available in the morning to fill your bottles and at every meal.

What about late cancellations?

Current regulations do not allow us to replace cancelled passengers with new passengers. Trek permits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If I give you my deposit now, do you buy my permit immediately?

Not necessarily immediately, but we customarily purchase the permits within a few days of receiving your deposit.

and if you want us to act Asap (Send us Your deposit by Western Union which is the fastest and safest way in Cusco, Peru and we can get the money in Minutes and Confirm the Trip in Minutes as well.)

For a Momorable Lifetime experience…

  • We have Our Medical Emergency Equipped Rescue Mountain Car(This car will be available for all our passenger) and this will ready for any Emergency you need.
  • Local 100% Peruvian 13 years experienced Tour operator(Based in Cusco)
  • We treat our team of porters the best with a HOUSE for them to sleep and proper equipment, wages and health insurance for everyone
  • Best Tour guides(Fluent English)
  • Master Cheffs The best in the Cusco region
  • The food provided on our treks is the best( buffet Style and plenty of food)
  • The best Camping Equipment (spacious tents 4 season aluminum poles tents, Eating & Cooking tents, Portable table & chairs, comfortable air Thermarest mattresses and more…)
  • No hidden prices or Surprises/ We Never Pass you onto another operator as most travel agencies do here. We will depart even if you are a group of 02 persons.
  • We never share service with other companies as most travel travel agencies do here to Minimize cost.(that’s why porters are overloaded because they are forced to carry for 2 or 3 different companies)
  • Small groups & personalized services we also Cater Large groups
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly tour company
  • Committed to social projects and improving living conditions for the children of Peru. Lots of facilities to book any expedition in Peru.

Quechuas Expeditions is a travel agency in cusco which its first objective is the conservation the Inca Culture and the ecological preservation of the planet.
Our tours are extremely flexible according to what the client wishes to get out of his/her trip. They range regular between 4 to 8 days in length, but it can be extended for more days. Quechuas expeditions  have professional multilingual guides (including the manager), local guides working as tour assistants who also participate in the expeditions, professional cooks and very experienced boat and bus drivers.

Discover with Quechuas expeditions the Inca Culture, the Andes, the Amazon Jungle, Titicaca Lake, The Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi Canyon, Nasca Lines and Paracas in the South of Peru. You can visit with Quechuas Expeditions : Nasca, Arequipa, Cusco, Puno, the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, Manu Biosphere Reserve, Tambopata National Reserve and many attractive tours in the South of Peru like river whitewater rafting, horse-back riding, traditional tours and much more.

Quechuas Expeditions will work with you to plan your time in Peru. We can help you building your itinerary. Just give us your frame of time and your interests, and we will develop some proposals on the best way of using your time while visiting our country. We want you to get the most out of your trip and we will work our hardest to ensure you have an unforgettable experience in this special place.
We will include our advice about the cities to be visited, the tours and activities that will satisfy your interests and lodging options that will best meet your needs.
You do not need to purchase all inclusive tours or book complete itineraries. We allow you the freedom of choosing your best options and have the safety of booking the services you think are more important.

As natives and locals, we know these Inca trails like the backs of our hands and are passionate about protecting our natural and most treasured resources. Unfortunately some other companies are not so vigilant and we are concerned about the environmental impact. We hope to lead by example, by giving excellent service to you while conserving and respecting our natural resources and people.

At Quechuas Expeditions, we hold excellent service to you, our clients, and your interests and enjoyment as paramount. We also pride ourselves on being a company which holds the sacred nature of Macchu Picchu and the Inca trail of utmost importance.

All of us at Quechuas Expeditions are thrilled to have you as our guest and invite you to learn about our culture. We have a professional staff of mountain, jungle and cultural guides – all licensed to guide the Inca trail, salkantay trek,inka jungle ,lares trek,choquequirao to machupicchu,jungle amazon tours, cultural and archaelogical attractions in cusco,Peru and Bolivia. Our guides are dedicated professionals who lead our tours all year round, taking vacation only in February when the Inka trail is closed for maintenance and reforestation. All guides ar trained in first aid and rescue. We also have a professional staff of cooks who have done the incatrail for many years.

We are the Best Tour Operator in PERU

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    Tailor-Made Trips and tours, unique experiences for all our travelers; we design your next vacation in Peru to make it unique and unparalleled;

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    In all our tours, we are aware of the environment and the management of solid waste; we are responsible for our carbon footprint and respect for the flora and fauna