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Quechuas Expeditions Sky Lodges Domes

Why Sky Lodge Domes?

  • Domes are a highly structured space that copy the fundamental geometry of creation, including the molecules of your body. 
  • Many healers use domes because they believe that this geometry helps reorganize the cells of the body, helping to improve health and creativity. Another advantage of a dome is that it can be used to remove stray electromagnetic waves by grounding the metal structure into the earth. 
  • The ultimate geometry of creation is the sphere – atoms, molecules, the earth, sun, stars, moon, etc.
  • All spheres mathematically generate a point at the centre that creates stillness – the Bindu point of ancient meditation practice. 
  • Although the dome is a hemisphere, it emulates these dynamics. Many practitioners of meditation use domes to enhance their practice with great success. Musicians enjoy practicing and performing in domes. 
  • The acoustics inside the dome are amazing, because of the spherical coordinates. The centre point of the dome generates the unique effect of hearing yourself from within.

Energy Efficiency

  • With no stagnant corners, the airflow inside a dome is continuous, requiring less energy to maintain even temperatures. The energy required to heat and cool a dome is approximately 30% less than a conventional building.

Structurally Sound

  • A dome is aerodynamic and has a dynamic centre of gravity that stands strong.

What is Glamping?


The very thought might be a nightmare to you – rain, wind and perhaps even snow. Setting up a tent on soggy ground and rugging up to beat off the chill.

The outside fireplace extinguished by the last downpour. . . BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!!!

Here’s the solution – GLAMPING on Treks to Machupicchu.

Glamping – or ‘glamorous camping’ is the new way to enjoy being close to nature while pampering to your needs and desire for comfort.

QUECHUAS EXPEDITIONS SKY LODGE DOMES has a range of solid, weatherproof and comfortable Geo Eco Domes on some inca trail routes like salkantay

Typically, Glamping GeoEco Domes have a proper floor, a cozy, efficient wood burning stove and a luxury queen-size bed. There’s plenty of room for some comfy chairs and lots of space for your belongings. Enjoy watching the beauty of nature just outside through the large panorama window. You’ll quickly discover that DOMES are the ideal way to extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

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