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Inca Trail Porters

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Porters Working Conditions: In April 2002 a new law was introduced to set a minimum wage for all porters on the Inca Trail. This has followed years of exploitation. This wage is 55 Peruvian Soles per day which is about US$ 19. It may not seem a lot but wages are all relative to livings costs and compared to other professions 55 Soles is quite well paid. Even though the law exists it is not being enforced and many companies are still paying their porters as low as US$ 5 per day. In 2002 the maximum weight that a porter can carry was limited to 20kg (15kg load + 5kg personal items). All porters have their weight checked by government officials at the start of the trail. However even this system is open to abuse and many tour operators get their guides and assistants to carry large loads across the checkpoint where they are dropped and left for the porters to pick up. Many trekkers who have hired an extra porter are also asked to carry their bags across the checkpoint to be given to the porters after they have been weighed. (and Many Travel agencies are sharing porters once they are on the Inca trail that’s why most of the are overloaded and there are agencies that include porter service on their prices because they don’t care they only want to sell Inca Trail)So even with the new regulations and a weigh-station at the beginning of the trail it is still possible to see porters carry loads of up to 35kg or more.

Quechuas Expeditions Porter(chaskis) are very well equipped with proper Hiking equipment…


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- We have Our Medical Emergency Equipped Rescue Mountain Car(This car will be available for all our passenger) and this will ready for any Emergency you need.
- Local 100% Peruvian 13 years experienced Tour operator(Based in Cusco)
- We treat our team of porters the best with a HOUSE for them to sleep and proper equipment, wages and health insurance for everyone
- Best Tour guides(Fluent English)
- Master Cheffs The best in the Cusco region
- The food provided on our treks is the best( buffet Style and plenty of food)
- The best Camping Equipment (spacious tents 4 season aluminum poles tents, Eating & Cooking tents, Portable table & chairs, comfortable air Thermarest mattresses and more...)
- No hidden prices or Surprises/ We Never Pass you onto another operator as most travel agencies do here. We will depart even if you are a group of 02 persons.
We never share service with other companies as most travel travel agencies do here to Minimize cost.(that’s why porters are overloaded because they are forced to carry for 2 or 3 different companies)
- Small groups & personalized services we also Cater Large groups
- Sustainable and eco-friendly tour company
- Committed to social projects and improving living conditions for the children of Peru. Lots of facilities to book any expedition in Peru.

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